Internal currency of the ecosystem
PPLR transactions take place within the Stellar ecosystem. Transactions may be public or private. The recipient of a transfer made in the Swap Map mobile app can see who made the transfer, go to the sender's profile and find out the necessary information about him/her.
Private transactions in which the sender or recipient is unknown can be conducted through the Solar Wallet. To log in to Solar, you can use a secret key that is available in the app for a paid subscription. The only open information about the transfer would be that someone sent some amount to someone, but without linking it to certain people. A similar amount of information is disclosed on stock exchanges: time and volume of private transactions are published, but specific persons are not indicated.
Many students and schoolchildren are deprived of the opportunity to combine study and work. But at the same time, they have an active lifestyle: they visit events and concerts, go shopping. They easily recommend products and services they like to their friends on social networks and are willing to share their geolocation and preferences with others. With a PPLR token, everyone can earn money to pay for education, entertainment, help for parents, or any other need. To do this, in the Swap Map app, you need to check in places, share your experiences, and invite your friends to spend time together.
Many social media users would like to be rewarded for the content they post. In other social networks, this opportunity appears just for authors with a large number of subscribers. We give every content creator in Swap Map an opportunity to earn from the content and tags they post. We as a social network need quality content, and our partners presented on the map need advertising and recommendations. Swap Map users also benefit, because every day they get interesting information about what is happening around, about significant events in their city and country, as well as they can get opinions from other users about this place or events.
The PPLR token is part of the Stellar ecosystem, a platform for performing real-time currency transactions. We use Stellar as a financial infrastructure. Stellar provides the ability to make instant transactions with low fees. This platform was created so that all the world's financial systems could interact. Our Swap Map users can transfer PPLR tokens to each other and exchange PPLR to any other currency in the world on a decentralized exchange.
Within the Swap Map ecosystem, users can create places, buy them, check in. Point Market was developed for the convenience of buying and selling places. Each place a user has checked in participates in the daily distribution of PPLR. This makes the place similar to a mining farm. Owning a place allows you to earn a passive income in the PPLR. In the near future, each user will have his/her own marketplace where the user can sell goods and services anywhere in the world not only for fiat money, but also for PPLR. At the same time, it will not be burdened with bank charges and currency conversion. The most popular products will be presented in the general market. The PPLR token is a reward for an action in the system. It means that we must ensure the minimum value of the currency. So we decided to share the advertising revenue and pay $0.05 for each PPLR released. There is no inflation because the amount of resource is limited and the issue of new PPLR is impossible. As in the real world, the PPLR token will end up on the exchange. Users who mined the token through their actions will be able to sell PPLR on the exchange to earn money. Tokens will be bought by users who want to buy something on the NFT-market. PPLR is also needed to buy points, which in their turn can generate income.
Swap Map users who perform actions in the system participate in the distribution of PPLR. So users mine PPLR, like miners who mine gold. If there are no actions in the system, PPLR will not be released either. 2500 PPLR tokens appear every day if they were mined. These tokens can be stored in the wallet and put in a liquidity pool giving users the opportunity to earn money, buy something or exchange it for another currency. PPLR token is part of a big system.
Soon it will be possible to pay for goods and services with a PPLR token (fully or partially) in the Swap Map app. For example, it is possible to buy cinema tickets, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in the restaurant. In our system we provide every check in at 0.02 XLM per piece. We will redeem PPLR from the exchange every day. The more check in, the more ransom. The further cost of the PPLR token will depend on the demand for it.
*the amount of remuneration may be revised, depending on the rate.
Each user shall get 5 PPLR* for registration and the first check-in in the Swap Map app.
Additional remuneration from Swap Map
  • Event creators - 10 PPLR per hour.
  • Place owners - 20 PPLR per hour.
  • Moment creators - 10 PPLR per hour.
  • Checked in at a place - 30 PPLR per hour.
  • Those who published their impressions - 20 PPLR per hour.
  • Who invited friends to the place/event - 20 PPLR per hour.
Remuneration in the system under SMART-contract. Once an hour users receive:
A Swap Map account receives 100 PPLR per day to maintain the system and rewards.
Distribution for 1 day is as follows: 100 PPLR * 24 = user remuneration 2400 PPLR + 100 PPLR of Swap Map.
Total: the system issues 2500 PPLR per day.
There are only 10,000,000 PPLR tokens, their number will not increase. There will be no issue, we plan that the PPLR rate will grow as the number of PPLRs is limited. We expect that in the near feature investors will join PPLR token trading.
The introduction of the PPLR token into the Swap Map ecosystem will bring many benefits to everyone. Each Swap Map user will be able to earn money for tuition, entertainment, family support and any other needs if they perform simple actions: check in places, share impressions, invite friends to spend time together.
Vendors who accept PPLR as a partial payment will be able to make the price of the product more attractive, without a marketing markup, and get the target audience nearby. Vendors will also be able to get free advertising from users who check in at their location, thanks to an algorithm that automatically notifies friends that users have come to this particular location.
Start-up entrepreneurs will be able to launch an advertising campaign without using fiat money, as they can earn PPLR through their actions within the app.
  • Creation of a prototype.
  • Attracting investments in the amount of 2 000 000 $.
  • Development of the project architecture.
  • Creation of the database.
  • Creation of the application design.
  • MVP application implementation.
  • Launch of an advertising campaign, testing hypotheses.
  • Finishing the application on the base of the study results.
  • Creation of a PPLR token on the Stellar platform to make transfers and in-app payments.
  • Creation of a marketplace with the ability to sell virtual goods for PPLR.
  • Creation of a messenger within the application.
  • Reaching the level of 75,000 downloads of the application.
  • Creation of "Secret room" group chats in places.
  • Creation of group chats in places
  • Development of functionality for writing reviews in a place.
  • Introduction of a route-building function to a place or to a friend.
  • Introduction of photo, audio and video formats into the chats.
  • Introduction of a feature to add video to the feed.
  • Creation of the section "Search for new friends".
  • Creation of a marketplace in the user's profile.
  • Creation of an advertising room.
  • Translation of the application into English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, French.
  • Testing the sale of advertising for PPLR.
  • Release the app on the App Store and Google Play in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.
  • Launch of an advertising campaign, testing hypotheses.
  • Implementation of an already established ticket operator for the sale, purchase and validation of tickets.
  • Introduction of a separate video tape format.
  • Reaching the level of 1,000,000 downloads of the application.
  • Attracting investments in the amount of 10 000 000 $.
  • The application development according to the needs of users.
  • Translation of the app into other languages of the world, primarily the languages of the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Release the app on the App Store and Google play in India, China, Japan, Korea, UAE.
  • Attraction of an investment of $300,000,000 to further expand the features of the app and increase the number of users.